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With support from people like you, we are able to reach out to people living in extreme poverty (especially those living in the rural areas) and support them with tuition fee sponsorships, starting of small businesses and even provide some basic needs to them such as food, mattresses, gas cookers etc

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Our current programs include a program to support porters, a sustainability program for poor  families to help them with some basic needs and establish income-generating projects for them, scholarships and sponsorship for primary and secondary school students and community counselling

Volunteer Programs

We are big on inclusivity. We let volunteers be free and voice what they can offer to our organization and our community. We formulate and structure projects geared towards ensuring our organization’s growth then present them to our volunteers who get to give their input on how to improve these ideas and how best they can be involved. All the while, they keep enjoying travelling and bringing new ideas as they experience new cultures and be part of our community. We have suitable activities ready for anyone who wishes to experience African cultures and make a positive impact on our community

Note To Volunteers

1. Volunteers must be 18 years and above at the time of joining our projects

2. Volunteer must have a sound mind and a flexible attitude for working in a new environment

3. The projects are suitable for those with interests in a particular field

4. Projects are available for all with qualifications, especially those projects which requires professionals like veterinarian; however, others like painting is available for all with passion

5. Volunteers should be loving and caring with a passion for working with youth and children and they have to be proactive and have the ability to take initiatives.

why you should volunteer with us

 Volunteering with FEF offers you a lifetime experience in Tanzania and Africa as well. Volunteering is in your area of specialization and that which you are most experienced in. So you get to exercise and expand your knowledge and skills while serving different communities.

Volunteering with FEF will afford you exposure to Tanzanian beauty and cultures. You will further enjoy African foods and have recreational time during weekends, enjoying cycling in rural areas where you will have direct contact with the local communities and learn more about their traditions. Volunteering with our programs is unique as it offers an opportunity to discover the unseen side of African culture and experience the authentic local life in the societies.

Teaching Program

Are you a motivated and qualified English, Mathematics, Geography and Physics teacher? If yes, we have a chance for you to volunteer teaching any of the respective subjects in primary and secondary schools in Moshi district- Kilimanjaro. You get to teach, experience and explore the real African lifestyle all while enjoying the beauty of Tanzania. Additionally, you get a chance to learn the Swahili language which is the most spoken language in Tanzania and is considered the lingua franca throughout Eastern Africa. We recommend living in Moshi district as it offers a great view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Veterinary Program

Are you a passionate and motivated veterinary doctor? Are you capable in taking care and treating domestic animals like cows, goats, sheep, dogs and pigs? Find the great opportunity of excelling your profession by volunteering with us. FEF have a veterinary volunteering program in rural areas of Moshi district. The opportunity is for highly motivated and qualified veterinary officers to volunteer in livestock treatment and helping animal keepers diagnose symptoms that are harmful to livestock health.

 Volunteers have a wide range of activities including taking care of livestock like cows, goats, pigs etc. They will also provide animal husbandry education to the community. There are shortage of veterinary officers in rural areas so animal keepers misses immediate responses once their cattle faces health problems.

Veterinarian volunteers will be subjected to promote change by applying all efforts to the project by educating the society about the significance of having healthy domestic animals and how they should properly take of them.

Volunteering in veterinary program has a wide range of benefits including gaining experience in local ways of animal keeping, experiencing African cultures, learning Swahili and Chagga languages respectively. Don’t plan to miss this great opportunity in your veterinary profession, expand your knowledge and skills and explore more while volunteering in this program.

Counselling Program

Do you feel underutilized in your counselling profession? If so, here is an opportunity for you to sufficiently utilise your acquired knowledge and skills. FEF has an organized counselling program touching on key factor areas in our community such as; marriage and family, child development, pre-marital relations, Grief and loss, socio-emotional development, education and learning as well as career choice and development. If you qualify in any of the areas mentioned above, take this opportunity and get to volunteer with us.

Additionally, volunteers will provide counselling sessions to schools and help learners develop a sense of self-awareness.  They also get to equip teachers with counselling skills which could be applied in assisting learners with problems. Being a volunteer in the counselling program necessitates individuals to be loving, compassionate and most so empathetic. One should have counselling skills and be equipped with different therapeutic measures to counsel learners in a group or individually. We urge all volunteers to make constant close follow-ups on their clients to monitor their progress.

Building Program

Ever experienced building in Africa? This might be new to you, but do not worry! If you want to help build school infrastructures like classroom and latrines, make a choice and get involved in our building volunteering program. The program does not require one to be a mason, rather just for one to be physically able as you will be working with the local masonries.  We have building projects for classrooms, school toilets and residential houses for poor families. If you want to experience the tangible impacts of your volunteering, then the building project is your ideal choice.

Note that volunteers do not necessarily require construction experience. The project is perfect for any person keen to use their hands and physical energy in serving the community. We are grateful when we get to see the smiling faces of children learning in classrooms in good conditions.

Physical Education

FEF believes that a sound mind makes for a sound body. School children need physical education to develop healthy bodies and activate their brains. If you can teach sports and games, you have a great opportunity to volunteer with us. A volunteer does not require a bachelor’s degree in physical education but the ability to guide and supervise children in sports and games.

Office Volunteering

FEF has office duties that will help our volunteers expand their knowledge and enrich their resumes. If you are interested in expanding your resume by volunteering abroad, working with us is recognised as a great bonus. Volunteers will respond to our guests, answer emails and they will be involved in the community visits. Volunteers will further prepare reports on the evaluation of ongoing projects during their stay with FEF.

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We carefully select those who are really in need of help and we monitor how your support is being utilized


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We conduct regular internal meetings and we provide regular reports of our activities and flows of the funds.

Needs assessment

We conduct extensive research on the needs of our beneficiaries 

Strong management

We have a small team of committed professionals to run our organization.

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With support from people like you we reach out to people living under extreme poverty 


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FEF strongly believes in the power of education in fighting poverty. Our ultimate goal is to help every child go to school.



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