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FEF has a veterinary volunteering program in the rural areas of Moshi district. The opportunity is for qualified veterinary officers to volunteer in livestock treatment and help animal keepers identify symptoms and diagnose diseases that are harmful to livestock health.

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 Volunteers have a wide range of activities to participate in including taking care of livestock. They will also provide animal husbandry education to the community. There is a shortage of veterinary officers in rural areas so animal keepers miss immediate responses once their cattle face health problems.

Veterinarian volunteers get to promote change by applying all their efforts to the project by educating the society on the significance of having healthy domestic animals and how to properly care for them.

  1. To have a friendly learning environment in primary and secondary schools mainly in rural areas
  2. To raise teacher’s and learner’s motivation in rural areas so as to avoid the transfer of the teacher from rural to urban areas
More About The Program

Volunteering in the veterinary program has a wide range of benefits including gaining experience in local ways of animal keeping, experiencing African cultures and learning both Swahili and Chagga languages. Don’t miss this great opportunity in your veterinary profession, expand your knowledge and skills and explore more while volunteering in this program.

Are You a Passionate and Motivated Veterinary Doctor?

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