School Uniforms program

Our Story

FEF introduced a project of providing school uniforms to children from poor backgrounds. School uniforms are a mandatory requirement in our Tanzanian education system. This rule is in place to promote uniformity, equality and discourage chid discrimination based on cloth wear while at school.

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The project aims to ensure that every able-bodied child gets to attend school wearing proper school uniforms. This project covers the purchasing of shorts and shirts for boys and skirts with blouses for the girls. It also covers shoes, socks, and sweaters for all. Apart from uniforms, FEF intends to support school children with stationery and other learning facilities especially in regards to those with special needs.

Why We Do It

The project is expected to solve the problem of lack of motivation among school children towards attending school due to lack of proper uniforms and stationery.

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This project is intended at helping school children from poor families by subsidizing school uniforms and stationaries. The project is expected to solve the lacklustre attitudes of school children towards attending school due to the lack of proper school attire. The government of Tanzania declared free education for all since 2016 to help low-income families send their children to schools yet uniforms and stationaries have proven to be a new challenge with many children attending school without proper uniforms and footwear. This became a source of embarrassment for most children who did not have proper uniforms. Some of them dropped out while others missed classes. The project is expecting to support 500 primary school children with proper uniforms in Moshi district, particularly those from poor families.  The achievement of this project will ensure that a child’s right to education is honoured without fail.


FEF has come up with this project in line with SDG goal number four. According to this goal, the United Nations envisioned an inclusive and equitable quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all. Therefore by 2030, the world plans to ensure that all boys and girls complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education. Hence our prime focus as a Non-Governmental Organization is to make sure that this goal is achieved by supporting the government’s efforts on the provision of free quality education to both primary and secondary schools. This necessitated the launch of the school uniforms and stationaries project for primary school children.

The Beneficiaries

Primary school children from poor families in Moshi district are our main beneficiaries in this project. We work in close conjunction with the community and welfare officers from Moshi DC to help identify the children in need.

Follow Up

FEF conducts intensive follow-ups on all it’s beneficiaries be it by visitation or by electronic mail. Our concern is to see the impacts of the project we are running; therefore every child understands to take care of the facilities supplied to them. After every donation, we have 15-minute sessions with the children at school on how to care for their personal effects, shoes and uniforms and encourage them to enjoy school.

Impact Of The Project

At the end of this project, we are expecting to provide 500 primary school students with proper uniforms and stationeries in Moshi district. This will help raise their attitude towards school and learning. The success of the project will mark the beginning of a life- long academic assurance for children hailing from poor households in Moshi district. The project will in the long run help to alleviate poverty in rural areas.

Where to Start


Provide school children with proper uniforms and shoes to encourage them to attend school

Goals of the Project
  1. To raise school children’s motivation to attend school
  2. To subsidize the cost of education among poor families 
  3. To provide education opportunity to every able child in the rural areas
  4. To protect the children’s right to education

Join us in making an Impact

We carefully select those who are really in need of help and we monitor how your support is being utilized


Transparency is our culture

We conduct regular internal meetings and we provide regular reports of our activities and flows of the funds.

Needs assessment

We conduct extensive research on the needs of our beneficiaries 

Strong management

We have a small team of committed professionals to run our organization.

Let Us Put Smiles on Children’s Faces, Together

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