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What we Believe

FEF strongly believes in the power of education in fighting poverty. Our ultimate goal is to help every child go to school and helping parents and teachers create effective school learning and nurture children in their learning.

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It is the right of every child to have education opportunities. Our focus is to help a child, who lives in a poor situation, and he/she have interest with school but fail to attend school. FEF is supporting these children at their respective societies depends on the exceptionality of a child.  Once a child shows  exceptional talent and potential to achieve better results academically, the organization transfer a child to a private school which will help them discover their potentials early and meet their dreams.

FEF further supports primary and secondary learners from poor families on issues of payment which parents have failed to deliver due to their unbearable economic status, such as orphans. Our friends, donors or stakeholders can sponsor a child by paying a school fee, text books, pens and shoes.

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Children Scholarship

Though primary and secondary schools students don’t have to pay for school fees, some can’t afford other costs for their education, hence we step in to help them. We take some of them to private schools.

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Child Sponsorship

We identify children in need and connect them with partners who establish directly contact with the children and we, through FEF bridge the gape to help the sponsored children achieve their life dreams and goals.

How we will follow up

FEF ensures that every single donation to children is banked and receipts filed. We also follow-up with the children we have sponsored and have their academic reports emailed to us and we forward the results to their respective sponsors.
  1. Encourage school children to attend school on proper uniforms by providing them with uniforms and stationaries
  2. To provide school uniforms and stationaries to help a child meet his/her right to education
  3. Cooperate with social welfare and community development offices in Moshi DC and identify every needy child from rural areas and provide him/her with school uniforms and stationaries.
Goals of the Project
  1. To raise school children’s motivation in school and learning
  2. To subsidize the cost of education among poor families and help poverty alleviation
  3. To provide education opportunity to every abled child in rural areas
  4. To protect the children’s right to education

Meet Our Beneficiaries


Standard 7 | 9 Years old


Standard 7 | 13 Years old

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Glory Faustine

Standard 3 | 11 Years Old

children Tanzania


Standard 6 | 13 Years Old

Jackson Gaspery

Standard 3 | 10 Years Old

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