Infrastructure Project


Conducive classrooms, libraries, laboratories and staff rooms are vital for learning to take place. Most of our primary and secondary schools lack these infrastructures which prompted FEF to think on how to assist remedy this situation.

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Substandard school buildings and lack of vital learning materials have contributed to the increased school drop-outs and partially educated candidates resulting in large percentages of learners failing to attain their educational dreams. Ndoye (2008) asserted that most education systems in Sub-Saharan Africa face numerous challenges that negatively impact the quality of education. For instance; insufficient manpower and unequally distributed education levels between the different genders, the poor and the rich and between the rural and urban institutions of learning. These disparities and challenges often lead to low-quality education further weakening the links between education and other national economic and political goals.

This program aims at establishing conducive learning environments for schools in the rural areas in Moshi-Tanzania by renovating classes, toilets, staff offices and even building new libraries, kitchen etcetera.


1.To build modernized classrooms, advanced laboratories, toilet facilities and staff rooms to create friendly learning environments in schools located in rural areas.

How we identify schools

Schools to be considered are those with poor learning and working conditions located in rural areas. Priority is given based on the extent of the needs.  For example, the schools lacking toilets and with a water shortage problem will be prioritized over those in need of laboratory facilities. We are working with the Moshi rural District educational officers, the ward educational officers and the village executive officers to identify the schools in need of our support.

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