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Our Story

FEF is supporting local families living in deplorable conditions economically and socially with a special focus on the elderly, widows and single mothers. Struggling parents living in abject poverty with no sustainable sources of income are not able to provide for their children; we recognised their struggles and decided to assist via our family sustainability program.

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Our mission is to ensure communities within the Kilimanjaro region can carry their weight in the future. To attain this state of self-sufficiency, we believe lower needs must first be satisfied before individuals can attend to needs higher up. These mostly comprise the generic basic human needs such as food, health care and shelter. Our focus as of now is on subsistence satisfaction then afterwards, we can get the right momentum to move onto unlocking the societies’ economic capabilities.

FEF is reaching out to families living under extremely poor conditions; especially the older jobless members of society who have no means to fend for themselves. FEF identifies these beneficiaries and supports them by providing foodstuffs, mattresses, gas cookers and other basic survival amenities.

We implemented a pig breeding project to financially help members of the community be self-reliant. Our goal is to support 60 families in 2020 and currently, we have managed to support 29 families. We still have 31 families to accomplish this goal by December  2020.

How we Achieve This

FEF believes that knowing the source of the poverty of an individual is a halfway solution towards combating it. Having this knowledge helps us to nurture the young generation towards a happy life, further it help to create opportunities that will help people avoid poverty.

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We visit poor families and conduct interviews to realize exactly what is the source of poverty. This makes it easier to recommend solutions that are sure to work on the ground as well as they do on paper. Our M.O so far is creating simple economic empowerment projects that are easy to adapt and run among the local communities. We provide animal husbandry education and introduce hybrid livestock such as cows, pigs, goats and chicken to boost production and raise income in the community.

The Beneficiaries

 We have Mr Godfrey Lyimo who was given two piglets. He sold the piglets’ offspring and managed to pay his son’s school fees who is now in form two at Darajani Secondary School. He further managed to install water taps at his homestead, where he can now access clean and safe water for the whole family. 

Mama Power, our other benefactor, also sells pigs and has been successful. Thus far she has managed to construct a bigger modernized pigsty. She has further managed to pay her daughter’s school fees. 

 Another benefactor is Mr Eliaoni. He was ecstatic about the pig project because with it he got to feed his family and pay school fees for his grandchild who is now in kindergarten. Mr Eliaoni proposed to keep goats rather than pigs as they were more costly and we intend to support the grandfather of one change his and his grandchild’s life with his goat rearing aspirations.

Follow Up

FEF collects all data from the sponsored families on a systematic basis. Right from the initial stages when the family gets integrated into our various economic empowering programs, to when they become successful stand-alone entities. Consistent visits are made to our benefactors both to guide them through the various transformation stages and to ensure all donations are being utilised as per the organisation’s stipulations. Intensive monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects are conducted regularly and detailed reports are prepared as record keeps for the organization.

Impact Of The Project

It has shifted the community’s mentality, raised their morale and empowered their spirits to fend for themselves. There has been an increased count of children attending school as school fee payment has become manageable. Improved nutrition and food security. Most members of the society via the pig breeding program have been able to get that extra shilling to feed their families properly and regularly. It has also birthed financially independent members.  We, FEF are aiming for an inclusive, self-sufficient,self-dependent society in the future.

 So far with your support, we have managed to assist 29 families and we intend to reach 60 families. This means we still have 31 families waiting to be aided and together we can do it! Thank you all for your support.

Where to Start


1. Implementation of agri-economic projects
2. Conducting entrepreneurship classes to raise the local community’s awareness of their potential.

Goals of the Project
  1. Create economically independent societies.
  2. Improve the living conditions of the members of society.
  3. Promote responsibility among the members of society.

Let Us Spread the Love, Together

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FEF strongly believes in the power of education and empowerment in fighting poverty. Our ultimate goal is to help communities live better lives


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