Environmental Rehabilitation

Our Story

FEF provides environmental conservation education to the society around Mount Kilimanjaro with the prime purpose of preserving the natural environment for the coming generations.

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Due to global warming and drastic environmental degradation, there has been a dramatic decrease in glaciers on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. As an organization which strives to serve both humans and organisms, environmental conservation awareness projects form part of our core programs. According to WWF, climate changes affect every corner of the world. People and nature worldwide are already feeling the effects. There is a decrease in water supply, forests are burning and coral reefs are dying. FEF is fighting to conserve the natural environment by conducting regular trees planting activities, advocating for environmental care and educating our communities on proper agricultural practices.

How we Achieve This

 We conduct workshops and seminars on the importance of environmental conservation to ordinary people, mountain trekking porters and guides who reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. We believe because these people earn their living through mountain Kilimanjaro trekking, conserving it and its environs will resonate with them the most. We protect our world today so our future generations can find a beautiful place to live in and care for.

We have tree-planting days where all members of society are encouraged to participate and help protect our ecosystem.

Provision of dust bins to schools around the Kilimanjaro region to combat littering.

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Visit poor families and conduct interviews to realize what exactly the source of poverty is. FEF believes that knowing the source of the poverty of an individual is a halfway solution towards combating it. Having this knowledge helps us to nurture young generation towards happy life, further it help creating opportunities that will help people avoid poverty.

Providing animal husbandry education to the communities to ensure proper livestock keeping methods including raising and feeding.

To provide hybrid livestock such cows, pigs, goats, chicken, rabbit, duck and etc so as to increase production and raise income in the community.

The Beneficiaries

schools with degraded compounds; bare with no plant coverage and littered compounds, our vibrant youth and the communities surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro.

Follow Up

Monthly follow-ups, updates and reports are generated for every environmental conservation activity carried out and all other environmental programs in progress.

How We Identify Them

Schools with poor environmental care and management for example schools with no trees and dustbins.

Where to Start

  1. To preserve the natural environment through the provision of environmental management, conservation and rehabilitation education. 

  2. To have man-made forests on degraded lands found in the rural areas.

Goals of the Project
  1. To preserve the natural environment

  2. Promote use of alternative sources of renewable energy. 

  3. Eradicate deforestation.

  4. Reduce littering.

Let Us Spread the Love, Together

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