Counseling Program

About This Program

FEF is built on the core values of love and compassion for all humanity hence why we recognise the role counselling plays in our societies.

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Societies both in the rural and urban areas need traditional counselling in its different arenas; from education, career development, child development, mental illnesses, combating pandemics and epidemics to surviving tragic life experiences. We aim to remind those mentally struggling that life is still worth living by empowering them to believe in themselves, helping them to recognise their strength and abilities and assisting them to believe in the world once more. FEF provides both individual and group counselling for anyone in need of counselling services. Together we can help build a mentally healthy community and eradicate vicious problems in society that might be resultant of psychological warfare. 

  1. Conduct counselling sessions to assist people with how to handle distressing situations to enable them to live worthwhile lives.

  2. Train more community counsellors, especially teachers from primary and secondary schools.

  3. Create a community support system to help rehabilitate psychologically impaired members of society. 

Impact of our program

Community members have better control over their lives and are easily able to navigate through challenges and other difficult life situations. As a result community members can now better focus on their goals and aspirations. 

A healthy Mind is  Wealthy Mind.We Can Do This, Together

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