Community Programs

In the course of our Education services we found out that it was necessary to involve ourselves in other development activities to help these children go to school. We take pride in initiating and managing other community Development programs.

Through our skillful and committed team, we endeavor to make sure these projects are implemented and well run to address the issues they are intended for in the community. Having these projects we hope to motivate youth and parents to focus on education and self-development.

Support a Family

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projects done

We provide livestock and entrepreneurship training to selected families. We follow up the care of the livestock with the help of volunteers, and once the livestock reproduce, we redistribute part of them to other poor families.

Community Counselling

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Success Stories

Through FEF, we will be providing confidential, free counseling services to individuals, couples, and families. Areas of interest include child development, substance abuse, career choice, and relationships.

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