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Families Being Sponsored


{I was given two piglets I cared for them until they grew. I sold the piglets’ and managed to pay my son’s school fees who is now in form two at Darajani Secondary School. I further managed to install water taps at my homestead, where I can now access clean and safe water for my whole family.{
Mrs Godfrey Lyimo
{I sell pigs and have been successful. Thus far I have managed to construct a bigger modernized pigsty. I have further managed to pay my daughter’s school fees.{
Mama Elaichi
{I was happy about the pig project because with it I got to feed my family and pay school fees for my grandchild who is now in kindergarten. I keep goats rather than pigs as they are more costly.{
Mr & Mrs Eliaoni

Another beneficiary was Mr Eliaoni, he rejoiced about the pig project as he sold one them and buy food for his family and pay the school fees for his grandchild who is now at kindergarten. Mr Eliaoni proposed that he would like to keep goats rather than pigs because it is cost. With goats, he doesn’t need to buy food always, he can feed them with grasses which are plenty in his compound.