About Us

How we Started

Freedom Education Foundation [FEF] was primarily founded by Abraham Lauwo and Vincent Temu. Propelled and inspired by the many challenges they faced while growing up, they decided to found an organisation that will help the marginalized members of society alleviate their states of poverty and enable communities at large to lead more gratifying lives.

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The duo started by supporting primary school children. They provided scholarships, school shoes, exercise books, textbooks, pens and other relevant stationary in their capacity. They further helped in the renovation of school buildings, painting of classrooms and construction of toilets. Having done this for some time, Abraham and Vincent finally decided to register a civil society organization that would support child education and empower communities particularly those around Mount Kilimanjaro. Hence the foundation of Freedom Education Foundation; an organization which fights against and alleviates poverty in our societies by supporting child education and empowering community members to be self-sufficient across Tanzania.

Meet the Team

Co-founder, Chairman



About Vincent

is a counselor, leader and public speaker who for the past five years has been mentoring youths in secondary schools and helping them identify and reach their short and long term academic goals. He is an avid opponent of early marriages, gender-based violence, and a promoter of lifelong learning. Mr Temu holds a Masters of Arts in Applied Social Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Education.

Founder, Secretary


About Abraham

is a professional tour guide with an experience of over ten years as the head guide for Mount Kilimanjaro Expeditions. He is also the founder and CEO of Lauwo Adventures. He is well known for his ambition to see other young people take steps in making their lives better hence why he founded this organization. Mr Abraham holds a certificate in community development and another in wildlife tourism.



About Judith

is a professional educator and has succeeded in helping shape the youth in society and moulding their personality and character to better their decisions making skills on career choices and self-development. She has worked for Lauwo Adventures helping tourists reach their dreams while also making an impact on the local community through donations and volunteering. Judith holds an MA in Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education.

Project Coordinator

Henry Lauwo

About Henry

is a professional mountain guide with experience of over ten years. He is also the co-founder of Lauwo Adventures. In his spare time, you will find him planting trees, flowers and taking care of chicken, pigs, cows, and rabbits in his home outside Moshi town. He grew up in the village and faced poverty firsthand; hence his insightful opinions and leadership of our projects are very vital. Henry holds a certificate in Wildlife Tourism.

Development Advisor


About Niina

Niina Tenhio is part of the International development cooperation. She works to support FEF in an advisory capacity to ensure FEF growth and sustainability. Niina is Finnish by nationality and has worked for UNDP, UN Women, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and other civil societies in her country. Niina holds a Masters of Arts Degree from the University of Helsinki.

International Co-ordinator


About Cate

Cate’s passion is in women empowerment, educational and sustainable community development. She has a background in Complementary Herbal Medicine and women’s health and has worked in the health industry for many years. 

She is also the Founder of Wanderlust Women’s Adventures; a boutique Australian tour company, empowering women from around the world through supporting local culture and community projects in Eastern Africa and India.

With a love for Africa and a humanitarian heart, she is dedicated to raising awareness on health and education issues by working with FEF on an International and local level.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To empower all community members to realize their potentials, improve poor families economic autonomy and increase environmental management awareness through; providing academic scholarships to children, repairing and rehabilitating below standard school infrastructures, presenting basic human needs to poor families and offering them economic support.

our core values

FEF is a politically neutral non-governmental organization that values cooperation, honesty, compassion, love and care, reliability, and optimism.

our Vision

To have a self-reliant, skillful and knowledgeable society.